six month update

i can’t believe sadie is already 1/2 a year old! it’s crazy how fast these past six months have gone by. those first (sleepless) days home and the long nights dealing with colic seem like a distant blur. sadie is really showing her little personality. she loves going out and smiling at strangers, then going home and being an active little lady, always keeping us on our toes. she’s a handful! but in the best possible way.

this month, we took two little trips. our first trip was to delaware to go to the apple scrapple festival in my hometown. we decided to book a hotel for the night before at rehoboth beach, one of our favorite spots. it was rainy the day we got there, and dreary the next day, but we still took some cute photos and had a nice stroll down the avenue. we ended up only going to apple scrapple for what seemed like five minutes.. it was stressful navigating the crowded streets with a stroller!


for our second trip, we stayed two nights at francis scott key family resort in ocean city, maryland, one of our favorite hotels to stay at. we were so excited to bring sadie there so she could get into the pool for the first time. she loved it! we also went to a halloween beach maze and had meals at some of our favorite places.

on our way home, we stopped at brandywine park in wilmington, delaware to take some fall photos with sadie. it was a last minute idea that we got stuck in traffic over, but it was totally worth it for the cute pictures!

our biggest accomplishment this month: finally sitting up unassisted!

we practiced sitting up assisted a lot. she spent a lot of time playing while sitting up between my legs. she also sat up against the back of the couch, using a boppy or extra pillows/blankets. she’s loved sitting up ever since she could support her head, so getting her to sit up was never a struggle for us. but a week or two ago, she was able to sit up unassisted for a few minutes at a time, the length depending on if she tries to lean over too far for a toy. she’s also starting to catch herself when she falls back.

proud mom moment: sadie is constantly reaching for her books and opening them, trying to turn the pages by herself. my little bookworm!

and just as exciting.. she’s babbling “mamama” sounds! she seems to say it when she’s upset too. she’s going to know i’m mama soon enough!

she has started stage 2 baby foods and has tried banana flavored puffs, yogurt melts, and sliced banana.

some firsts:

-found her tongue and her nose

-can blow raspberries

-can put her feet into her mouth

-can shake head back and forth while sitting

-made herself laugh (from the top of her head touching the wall while shaking it back and forth.. i guess it tickled!)

-had a good belly laugh

-fake coughs (for attention?? to make herself fart?? haven’t figured this one out yet!)

goals for this month

work on getting sadie to sitting position on her own

i watched her do this for the first time earlier today! she normally gets so frustrated that she ends up whining and i’ll sit her up for her. but i’m going to start letting her try for longer periods so she can learn.

read every day

sadie loves all of the books i’ve read to her so far, but i’m excited for our next baby einstein bundle to come in! (post on that coming soon!)

introduce baby sign language

i’ve been working on this here and there, only really using the sign for “milk,” but i want to be consistent this month so that she learns. i want to at least introduce the signs for milk, eat, more and all done.

try a wide variety of finger foods

the only actual food (not counting puffs and yogurt melts) i’ve given sadie was sliced banana. she mostly spit it back out. i’m not sure if she wasn’t ready for it, or if she just didn’t like it, so we’ll be trying some other foods. i want her to be able to have some thanksgiving dinner!

practice standing up

now that sadie has mastered sitting up, she’s on to the next thing already! she is constantly grabbing my hands so that i can stand her up. i need to get her an activity table!

as excited i am about sadie learning more and more every month, it’s sad seeing her grow up so fast! it’s hard to imagine that she’s not going to be a baby forever.. sigh.

what things have your littles accomplished this month?

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