5 must-have stocking stuffers for a teething baby

christmas is the perfect excuse to stock up on some essentials for baby.. and you moms know how important teethers are! teethers are the perfect gift to put into baby’s stocking, especially since they will be used every day. here are some of our favorites:

five must have stocking stuffers for a teething baby. great ideas for baby's first christmas! @blissfullyher

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like those of you who have (or have had) teething babies, you know that you would try anything just to give your baby some relief. i’ve bought so many different teething toys for sadie, even ordering a new one off of amazon in the middle of the night when she was having a particularly rough time. thank goodness for prime!

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here’s a countdown of her favorites:

5. RaZbaby RaZ-berry teether, $3.99

raZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

perfect for babies who like bumpy textures

bpa free

safe to freeze

i ordered this because sadie frequently takes her pacifier out of her mouth so she can chew on the hard plastic part and on the handle, so i figured she’d like chewing on this. she loves the texture and it’s easy for her to hold. at first she got a little frustrated with it, probably because she couldn’t put it in her mouth like a regular binky.

4. Nuby Teething Bib, 2pk, $8.99

Nuby Teething Bib, 2pk

perfect for on-the-go babies

super absorbent

machine washable

these were ordered after i watched sadie pull up her dress over and over again to chew on it. this is perfect because she can easily pull the bottom of the bib up to her mouth and chew on it. it’s great for the car because she can’t drop and lose this teether in her car seat. i like keeping these on her even when she’s not using the teether because it keeps her clothes nice and dry, and they’re cute!

3. Munch Mitt, $14.99

Munch Mitt

perfect for babies who are always chewing on their hands or always drop their teethers

bpa free

comes with traveling bag/laundry bag

i ordered this after seeing sadie constantly chewing on her hands. she loves the hard, bumpy texture. she quickly learned how to take it off (she could shake it off, no matter how tight i put it on her, then she figured out how to unstrap it.) so it kind of defeated the purpose of strapping it on, but she still likes it. now i just give it to her without strapping it on (since she is no longer a “hand eater”) and she likes to chew on the crinkly part too.

2. Nuby Teethe-eez Teether, $5.51

Nuby Teethe-eez Teetherperfect for babies who like bumpy textures

bpa free

easy to hold

this is another one that sadie loves because of the texture. she also likes to chew on the handle since it is a little bit harder. i stick it in the freezer, but it only stays cold for a minute or so since there is no liquid inside. sadie loves how it can fit into the entire side of her mouth.

1. Fresh Food Feeder, 2pk, $6.99

Fresh Food Teether

perfect for all babies, especially ones who are able to hold things to their mouth

outside of teething, also helps with the introduction of solids by reducing the risk of choking

bpa free

this is our all around favorite teether because it completely satisfies sadie since her frozen treat numbs her gums. after finishing her frozen cube of breast milk, she plays happily for awhile without any teething pain! this is great for babies who are starting solids, but aren’t quite ready for chunks of food yet. put in frozen fruits or veggies (solid or purees) for teething relief! you can also freeze breast milk or formula if baby isn’t ready for food! we use this ice cube tray, which comes with a lid. if you only fill the cube with about half liquid, two cubes fit perfectly into the feeder.

Five MUST HAVE Teethers! @blissfullyher | Our teething must haves.

one recommendation that i’ve been seeing is to massage baby’s gums twice a day to help ease their pain overall. we bought these baby toothbrushes that you slip onto your finger to give a quick massage (and to clean baby’s mouth after eating solids/purees). you can also use your (clean) finger, or a cool washcloth (also good for getting that extra food out).

still, even with all of these toys, the teething pain is never cured, and after the few hard nights we’ve had, i’ve been looking into actual medicines to help her. i also want to try the winkel rattle (on our christmas wishlist!)

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what are your baby’s favorite teething toys? have you tried any medicines that have helped? i’d love your recommendations!

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