five month update

little miss sadie is 5 months old!

we celebrated her daddy’s birthday by walking along the promenade in havre de grace, and spent an evening at autobahn go-kart racing with family. we’ve been out to eat a few times, and took a 5 hour trip to pennsylvania.. all of which sadie handled like a champ!

she’s learned a lot this month, and she’s even had a few firsts!

the biggest thing is that we started her on baby food. right now, her favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes! she has already been trying to guide the spoon to her mouth herself, and tries to take the spoon away from us completely!

some firsts:

-rolled from back to tummy

-shakes her head back and forth

-plays (and laughs at) peek-a-boo

she seems to love going out to grocery stores and restaurants, even taking the receipt from a cashier the other day and holding it all the way to the car!

she’s very active and always wants to sit up. her little core is getting stronger every day to try to sit up unassisted. she can last for a few seconds, but with a boppy can sit for a few minutes before she leans back and gets stuck.

she loves to scream and squeal at the top of her lungs, even to the point where she frequently loses her voice.

and my most favorite.. she responds consistently to her name.

it’s surreal to think about how much she has already learned.. and i’m excited (but also a little sad!) to see her little personality shine more and to see what she learns this month!

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