baby’s first foods: our experience

even though i had it in my head that we would wait until sadie turned six months before we introduced baby food, i was excited when we got the okay to start at her four month appointment because i knew she was ready.

sadie had spent a few weeks before that appointment tracking my food every time we ate. the pediatrician also looked for good head control, which she definitely had since she’s always been very determined to sit up whenever she can.

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what our pediatrician told us in regards to starting foods

-start off with oatmeal cereal and rice cereal (fortified with iron) until baby gets used to eating, then start purees

-nurse as normal (we breastfeed on demand), adding 2 meals a day of baby food (breakfast and dinner)

-eat your breakfast and dinner while baby is eating

-wait 3 to 4 days between new foods to see if any allergies present themselves

our experience

we started with dinner after her appointment at 18 weeks old with gerber oatmeal cereal. sadie took to it right away, opening her mouth wide for the spoon. we switched to the rice cereal a few days later and she liked it much more. really, her only issue was that she was overexcited and would lean forward to get to the spoon, instead of letting me come to her.

we mixed the cereal with breast milk (but you can also use formula or water). the container says how many tablespoons of breast milk per cereal, but i just estimated, making it very runny at first, then gradually thickening it.

i recommend buying the smallest container offered if using gerber, as it expires one month after opening.. we didn’t even get through a quarter of one of the tubs!

i feed sadie her breakfast after her first morning nap (around 10am) and her dinner either before or after her 5:00 cat nap, depending on what we’re doing that day. she normally nurses when she wakes up from every nap, but now she’ll refuse to nurse after her morning nap because she wants her breakfast! she nurses as usual (on demand) throughout the day, but generally prefers to nurse after eating (sometimes she gets thirsty after her meal). some prefer to nurse (or bottle feed) before offering food.

we started purees at 20 weeks with gerber’s stage one baby food. i love that their foods are organized by stage 1, stage 2, etc. so that you know exactly which foods you can give baby while at the grocery store. the packaging also tells you how much of each fruit and vegetable is in the container.

if you are interested in making your own baby food, check out this article for stage 1 baby food recipes.

i’ve always just let sadie eat until she was done. it is recommended to start a new food with just a few tastes, which sadie seemed to do naturally. then she would increase her intake, eating 1-1.5 ounces at a time 1-2 days after initially trying the food.

in order, i gave her:

-sweet potatoes

-bananas (mixed with breast milk at first because it was thick compared to the sweet potatoes)







-green beans (very chunky, so i recommend giving this one after trying others)

-prunes (a little chunky)

even though some people say you should feed all vegetables first or baby will have a sweet tooth, i’ve also heard that was a myth. not sure which is true, but we switched back and forth without issue (so far.. let’s see how she is as a toddler, ha.)

as of about a week ago, we moved on to stage 2 baby food purees and we are working on introducing finger foods, so keep an eye out for that update!

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